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With A Partners, set the right level of ambition and find the best path to reach your objectives with high added value services and expertise tailored to your needs.

Unleashing business creativity

We have built a unique offer around business strategy to provide entrepreneurs with a full spectrum of high added-value services, allowing them to thrive in the heart of their complex ecosystem:

Financial institutions

  • • Build robust business plans
  • • Prepare for capital restructuring
  • • Negotiate capital raising

Shareholders / investors

  • • Reinforce trust in critical times through more transparency, using specific skills and know-how
  • • Design the right exit strategy while preserving the interests of the company


  • • Improve organization, governance and implement processes
  • • Reinforce commitment
  • • Bring external know-how and tools

Clients & suppliers

  • • Enrich markets’ demand and competitive landscape understanding
  • • Improve existing services & products offers

Core business & strategy development

  • • Define and impulse ambitious strategic directions
  • • Design and implement impactful transformation plans

Providing entrepreneurs with different levels of support

We have structured our offer on three different levels:

Audits, Diagnoses and Due Diligence

on various topics including strategy, finance, organization, process & governance, operations and acquisition, requiring highly specific skills and knowledge. Includes buy side / sell side Due Diligence (financial & strategic).

Strategy & Transformation Plans

dedicated to deep company transformations with a clearly articulated and informed strategy.

Executive retainer

dedicated to support entrepreneurs on an on-going basis to prepare for critical times such as negotiations or to brainstorm on specific topics.

Building lasting relations based on trust, confidence and respect

We share strong values around trusted and close relationships, tailored solutions, respectful and rigorous working environment, constant evolution and anticipation:

Working environment based on respect and high standards

Commitment, flexibility and autonomy are the key values in our working relationships and environment. Trust and loyalty lead to win-win solutions

Tailored solutions and services

As every entrepreneur is unique, we believe in listening attentively, developing a deep understanding of the issues, and co-building lasting, tailored solutions

Anticipation and vision change

In a fast-paced changing world, we believe that entrepreneurs have no other choice than to take their business to the next level

A new entrepreneurship model

Success will come from offering more and more responsibilities to everyone, lowering business barriers, giving access to a wide range of skills and knowledge